David Lorango

Rental Residential Directors

David Lorango is a veteran marketer and campaign strategist. He has called Westwood home for 5 years now, choosing to live in the neighborhood as a young professional because he loves the community. He has been active in the community for two years, serving on the Westwood Community Council as a renter representative, where he participated in some of the pressing issues faces the residents of the neighborhood as well as the district. In 2014 he served as State Senator Ben Allen’s digital outreach director, focusing primarily on a winning social media and email outreach campaign to encourage voters to elect Ben. David continues to work with our State Senator and is actively involved in the community, attending city meetings, gatherings and get-together representing LA. He also continues to consult on political races throughout the state of California.

In his spare time he enjoys writing and playing country music in the greater LA area.