Laura Winikow

Non-Profit / Faith Based / Education Community Director

Laura Winikow grew up in Los Angeles and attended public schools, including Westwood’s own Emerson Middle School and University High and graduated from UCLA with a BA in Communication Studies. She went on to obtain her JD from Hastings College of the Law (yet another public school) and practiced law for 12 years before retiring to become a full time mom to her two kids. With loads of free time on her hands, she quickly became active at her children’s school, Fairburn Elementary, serving as a member of the Executive Board of the Fairburn Youth Association, selling scrip and serving on various and sundry committees to raise money for the school. Since her kids grew up (ish), she has served as past president and current board member of the Friends of WestwoodLibrary as well as its Communications Director. Presently she is once again Vice President of the Friends of Westwood Library and actively helps to raise money for and awareness of the amazing community center that is our library (insert shameless plug here.) She also serves as a board member for the Comstock Hills Homeowner Association. She has served on the WWNC since its inception and has been its treasurer for way too long.

She enjoys yoga, hiking and walking, loves National Public Radio and thinks obsessively about food. She is also quite skilled at schlepping her children hither and yon.