Mark Rogo

Business Group Directors

I have spent all of my adult life living in Westwood, beginning in 1978 when we bought our first home on Lindbrook Drive. My wife of thirty-four years, Lynn Mirisch Rogo, feels as connected as I do with our community and our friends here. I’m a member of the Westwood NC on Seat 14 – the non-profit position, in my capacity as both President of Friends of Westwood Library and a member of Westwood Rotary Club. I’m also on the Board of the Blair House Homeowners Assoc, and the Treasurer of Holmby-Westwood Property Owners Association.

We have two children, Lisa and Marcie, who attended elementary school at Warner, and Harvard Westlake afterwards. Marcie is 25 years old and currently studying for her MBA in Australia. Lisa is 30, married to Anil Gupta and an OB/GYN that is engaged in a three-year surgical fellowship at UCLA to be a specialist in women’s surgery.

My wife and I currently live in The Blair House on the Wilshire Corridor, corner of Wilshire and Warner.